Living Independently with Luxury Facilities and Tailored Support

Shalom Retreat is Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s luxury provider of supported independent living (SIL) accommodation for those living with a disability who need support but wish to live an independent life. Our luxury facility in Tingira Heights has stunning landscapes, modern facilities and 6 independent and fully accessible residences, with the capabilities to support individuals with a variety of needs and wants. With purpose-built amenities, well appointed kitchen facilities and light and inviting dining and living spaces, individuals have the freedom to relax, entertain and live within their own privacy, whilst still being able to socialise and entertain friends and family within the grounds of their own residence if they wish.

Services » sil
Services » sil

What is Supported Independent Living?

The Australian Government outlines in its National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) options for individuals living with disability to be able to gain funding to support them in living more fulfilling and independent lives. This includes funding to move in to and be supported by independent carers under the supported independent living (SIL) scheme.

Supported Independent Living, commonly abbreviated as SIL, is paid support for individuals living with a disability, based on their own individual NDIS support plan. It is catered to people living with a disability who have higher support needs and require significant supportive care and assistance in living their day to day lives. SIL provides these individuals with that ongoing support and care to allow them to essentially live in their own home with access to the right amount of support and care that they need or want. SIL support can include overnight care, daily care, household assistance, transportation and medical support amongst many others based on the individual participants needs and wants. It gives individuals the opportunity to flourish in a more home-based setting while still providing the level of support and assistance that they need.

SIL – Levels of Support Explained

People living with disabilities have different needs and wants and so it’s only natural that the NDIS has outlined 3 levels of support for SIL funding.

Lower needs

SIL support under the lower needs level is for those who require some level of support but it is not required 24/7. It is suitable for those who may need a daily support and welfare check or those who need general day to day assistance with household tasks and transportation.

Standard needs

SIL support under the standard needs level is for those who require ongoing 24/7 support. This includes assistance and supervision of most tasks during the day and having a disability support worker onsite overnight to assist should the need arise.

Higher needs

SIL support under the higher needs level is for those who need the highest level of support and care. This includes support and assistance 24/7 including during the overnight period. Individuals with this level of care might need support with not only day to day living tasks, but also with behavioural management and medical support.

Getting the Right Level of Support to Suit Your Needs

No matter what level of support you require, at Shalom Retreat, our caring and dedicated disability support workers are able to provide you with the highest standard of quality care and support for you so that you can live confidently and independently.

Am I eligible for SIL funding through my NDIS package?

To apply for NDIS funding for SIL, you must meet the eligibility criteria to access the NDIS. If you find that SIL is going to be the best option to support your needs, you can apply for NDIS funding for SIL by completing the Home and Living Supports Request Form, or by providing the necessary information to the NDIS directly. If you need assistance with filling and submitting the necessary paperwork, the team at Shalom Retreat will gladly assist you with finding an appropriate support coordinator to support and guide you through the process.

Is supported independent living suitable for me?

The NDIS website outlines the eligibility criteria for Supported Independent Living. It is crucial that you gather all the correct information and make an informed decision as to whether SIL is the right support and assistance for you. Have a discussion with your support coordinator about the options for SIL and they can assist you in making an informed decision. If you don’t have a support coordinator, Shalom Retreat will happily provide you with recommendations on where you can get assistance.

Our Supported Independent Living Services

The dedicated and passionate disability support staff at Shalom Retreat can provide you with supported services to help you live a full and independent life.

Social Support

Our dedicated team is committed to making sure that you remain active and social, even throughout your time in SIL accommodation. We provide assistance getting to and from your social gatherings, events, and activities and our dedicated staff take the time to participate with you to ensure you have the best experience possible. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals have equitable access to social support services and activities that are beneficial to one’s health and wellbeing.

Household Assistance

Within your fully accessible residence at Shalom Retreat, we provide onsite disability support staff who are able to assist you with daily household living tasks. This can include cooking, cleaning, washing, vacuuming, and general household maintenance. We can also assist with your personal hygiene such as bathing and washing to ensure that you maintain your safety and health. We want to help you live safely and comfortably in your own home, while still helping you maintain your own independence. We work with you to ensure that daily tasks that can be complete yourself, we allow you to do, whilst others that you may find difficult, we can provide you with additional support.

Work and Study Support

We believe that the development of life skills, and education is important, even if you have a disability. As such, we encourage and support our participants who are committed to furthering themselves through work placements, volunteering and study opportunities. We provide ongoing support services to enable pathways for further learning, including providing transportation to and from classes or work/volunteer placements, assistance with educational understanding, tutoring, mentoring, and involvement in our participants’ work and study related endeavours. 

Travel Support

Travelling with a disability can sometimes be an inconvenience, but at Shalom Retreat, it doesn’t have to be. Our supportive disability staff have dedicated vehicles to get you out and about to live your life to the fullest. Whether you need assistance with transportation to medical appointments, social interactions, work or volunteer placements or simply to get out and get some fresh air, our supportive and caring staff are available to drive you wherever and whenever you need to go. We believe that in order to maintain independence and the best possible quality of life, all individuals need to ability to access all aspects that life has to offer. Our travel support services for our SIL participants guarantees this continued pathway to ongoing support and overall access to a more independent lifestyle.  

Providing quality supported independent living care as a registered NDIS provider

Shalom Retreat in the picturesque Tingira Heights is one of the regions foremost providers of supported independent living services as a registered NDIS provider. Our services are able to be accessed by individuals living with a disability who have a current NDIS plan or those who may be eligible under a new NDIS plan. Talk with your registered support coordinator about the level of support you require and whether supported independent living at Shalom Retreat is the right choice for you and your support network.