About Shalom Retreat


Nestled in the beautiful and tranquil Tingira Heights, on the cusp of Lake Macquarie, Shalom Retreat offers stunning, modern supported independent living facilities for individuals looking for the peaceful and tranquil way of life. Our luxury accommodation options include a beautiful mansion-like central building surrounded by grouped, fully accessible independent dwellings. Our spacious grounds and facilities allow for full accessibility and the freedom to live independently, along with the level of support that each individual person may want or need.

About » About Shalom Retreat
About » About Shalom Retreat

Our Mission

Our mission at Shalom Retreat is to provide equitable access to support and care to all individuals, no matter their disability or age. We partner with local community groups and the most experienced disability support staff to provide quality support and care for our supported individuals. We believe in celebrating diversity amongst the community and providing and fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for people living with a disability, their family and support networks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an inclusive environment and work collaboratively with each individual to help them reach their full potential, life goals and aspirations. We do this by providing meaningful support that is tailored to the needs and wants of each person, allowing them to maintain their own individuality and independence.

Our Values

Respect and Acceptance

At Shalom Retreat, we respect and accept each individual for who they are as a person and allow them to express themselves in their own way, through meaningful connections, interactions, and experiences. We work in a non-judgmental way to allow the individual to live in their lives on their own terms and maintain independence in which ever way that they deem meaningful.

Honesty and Integrity

Our disability support staff strive to work with complete honesty and integrity in everything that they do. This includes maintaining a calm working environment and providing the highest standard of quality care in line with the individuals supported independent living plan.

Community Inclusion

We believe in making a meaningful contribution to society and the community and allowing individuals living with a disability and their support systems to do the same. We support individuals by promoting inclusivity at a community level, advocating for the rights and needs of those living with disability and supporting these individuals to fulfill life goals and aspirations as active members of the community.

Our Professional and Caring Support Team

Here at Shalom Retreat, we have the most experienced disability support staff who work with you to ensure that you have the opportunity to achieve your life goals and live independently in our beautifully catered facility. Our dedicated team includes management and support staff who have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of those living with disabilities.

We provide ongoing support and training for our staff to ensure that they are up to date with the latest information and can provide the highest quality standard of care to our occupants.

We want you to feel like family, so it’s only fair that we treat our employees like family too. We promote a loving, inclusive and respectful work environment as we believe that the passion derived from this, relays onto others and allows our staff to deliver the best possible care and support. We are proud to maintain high retention rates and career opportunities for our supportive staff and encourage individuality and passion from all our team members. Our dedicated and professional staff are what makes Shalom Retreat the premier supported independent living care provider in Lake Macquarie.

We are teaming up with our local communities to celebrate diversity in the spirit of cultivating a brighter, kinder, and more inclusive culture for people living with a disability and their family and supports.

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